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Blended Vision

Blended Vision/ Caratacts and Premium Lenses  in Los Angeles, CA 

What is Blended Vision?

If you have cataracts and wish to have some independence from glasses for common tasks after your surgery, then the Blended Vision IOL option may be for you.

Dr. Kagan has created a customized vision solution for his patients who may not be able to afford a premium intraocular lenses but wish to have spectacle independence for many activities. Specific preoperative testing, advanced surgical techniques, and first-rate mono-focal lenses with the right power combinations, allows Dr. Kagan to create a visual outcome that provides a balance of distance, intermediate, and near vision. Chances are that glasses may still be needed for extended periods of reading and for small print, but many activities such as driving, computer use and sports activities will not require glasses. The popularity of Blended Vision is increasing because of the lowered out of pocket cost compared to premium IOLs.

"Blended Vision" is a process to make your one eye (non-dominant eye) a little nearsighted. Your dominant eye then sees clearly in the distance and your non-dominant eye sees near. The brain blends the two together and you will not know which eye you are looking through. Sounds weird? Not really. We have been offering "Blended Vision" for years to our patients who have tolerated it extremely well.

With "Blended Vision" the difference between the two eyes is smaller and the brain blends the images together even better. The beauty is you can experience this initially without actually undergoing the procedure.

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