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New Injectable (Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse) Technique at Kagan Institute! Less Bruising, Less Discomfort, Smoother Injections!

New Injectable (Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse) Technique at Kagan Institute! Less Bruising, Less Discomfort, Smoother Injections!

Created on: Thursday, August 02, 2012
Author: Kagan Institute

A new level of performance.

Everybody knows about Fillers  such as Radiesse, Juvederm, Restylane in Los Angeles. In our office it was always injected by Dr. Kagan's expert hands. Now we have the First Injection Device! By eliminating need for thumb-driven manual injection, New Injectable Technique at Kagan Institute simplifies the injectable process, freeing users to focus on other key aspects of treatment.

What are the patient benefits?

Patients tend to perceive the outcome in a few different ways: pain and discomfort of treatment versus the outcome, the side effects profile and the perceived quality of the result itself. My opinion is that New Technique MINIMIZES issues related to smooth, even delivery of the product, which could positively affect perception from any of those atandpoints. Experience patients have told me that they have LESS DISCOMFORT, LESS BRUISING with the smoother injections. They certainly seem impressed by the technology. 

The majority of dermal fillers currently on the market come in small, 1ml syringes. Trends are changing, however, towards more viscous filler materials and higher volumes, often requiring larger syringes.

Delivering a uniform, uninterrupted flow of material in these circumstances is at best difficult – and sometimes impossible – especially through fine-gauge needles.

The Artiste Assisted Injection System overcomes the limitations of manual operation, using controllable gas pressure instead of thumb pressure to automate the injection process. 

This allows the injector to concentrate fully on the injection site, ensuring accurate placement and maximum control for consistent results1with a variety of dermal fillers, syringes, and needle sizes.

Injectable Device vs. manual injection

Compared with manual injection, the Artiste Assisted Injection System offers significant advantages…

… For the physician: 

  • Fewer injections required for the same result1
  • Effective, controlled delivery
  • Improved accuracy in placement of the filler materials1
  • Greater ease of treatment1
  • More consistent results - even with high viscosity fillers1
  • Less hand fatigue

… For the patient

  • Better looking results1
  • More comfortable2
  • Decreased bruising2
  • Reduced swelling2
  • Less massage needed after injection2


A Randomized, Evaluator-Blind, Bilateral Comparison of an Injection Assistance Device vs. Manual Injections for Delivery of Dermal Fillers in Patients Seeking Aesthetic Correction of the Nasolabial Folds.


To characterize the safety and performance in normal therapeutic use of the Artiste System in comparison to standard manual administration of dermal fillers


52 male and female subjects enrolled from the investigator's practice at 3 aesthetic clinics.



  • Artiste System on either the left or right nasolabial fold (randomized), the contralateral fold treated with standard manual injections.
  • Treatment in a single session to achieve optimal cosmetic results (OCR) balanced on both sides.
  • No specific requirements for type or brand of dermal filler.


Treating physicians in the clinical study preferred the Device to manual injections for:

  • ease of treatment
  • producing a better-looking result
  • better accuracy in placement of the filler materials
  • reduced number of injections required for same result
  • more consistent results
  • In at least one center, the Artiste system was shown to use a statistically significantly reduced volume of dermal filler material.

Come and try it new Restylane, Juvederm or

Restylane New Technique!



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