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ICL Is Another Choice - Along With Lasik - For Eye Correction

ICL Is Another Choice - Along With Lasik - For Eye Correction

Created on: Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Author: Kagan Institute

 Q: Dr. Kagan, we’re featuring an interesting video with this update. In it, a female patient talks about how she went with ICL over Lasik. Lots of people have no idea – just how much better the ICL technology is, over Lasik. And, ICL is much less invasive and risky.  

Dr. Kagan – That’s correct. ICL has truly changed the game.

Q: You hear about Lasik all the time – but in your mind and experience, it really is not the best for sight correction.

Dr. Kagan – Not by a long shot .

Q: Why should ICL be a first choice?

Dr. Kagan – It’s no doubt that Lasik is top-of-mind for sight correction – but there are other options. It’s a good procedure – but there are downsides. Dryness is one – and - it can be temporary or permanent.

los angeles eye correction update - lasik  icl photoQ: Dryness is the worst. I wouldn’t want to take that chance – big or small.

Dr. Kagan – Yes, so that’s a big concern. The other concern with Lasik is quality of vision. A lot of vision complain about ghosting and halos.

Q: Could you explain both?

Dr. Kagan – When you look at a light at night for example, you can have a little halo around that light. And, that can happen with Lasik. Remember - quality of vision isn’t about just about how much you can see, but how well you can see it. For example - contrast sensitivity - say, a light blue – or darker blue – contrast. That’s very important for those who need sharp vision.  People like photographers and videographers. Or pilots. Of course, anybody can use better vision.

Q: That’s interesting and it’s important we know this. What is ICL?

Dr. Kagan – ICL is a contact lens made out of collagen material and it’s completely compatible with the eye. It goes inside the eye – and, never has to be replaced. The beauty of this technology – is that it gives patients super-high definition vision. No dryness or no issues with quality of vision. It’s like comparing regular television of yesterday – to high-definition television. Lasik doesn’t do that.

Q: That’s amazing news. I’ll bet lots of folks don’t know that. The procedure itself – how friendly is it?

Dr. Kagan – We just make a tiny opening in the eye – and place the lens. Remember – it’s removable and reversible.

Q: That’s nice to know – you can reverse it – perfect for new technologies for the future.

Dr. Kagan – Yes, and – I’ve never had to remove one for any reason.

Q: And, Lasik is not reversible. Sounds much less complicated as well.

Dr. Kagan – Yes on both accounts. ICL is a real winner for those seeking better vision – without the worry or hassle.  In my opinion having performed both Lasik and ICL – all the ICL patients tell me that they have never-ever seen this well.

Q: That’s nice to know.

Dr. Kagan – ICL is recommended by the U.S. military for its fighter pilots. Those guys need to see things pretty clearly – especially at night.

Q: Dr. Kagan – thanks for this update. You have a special on ICL. For our readers, click on the quick video below us – then – fill out the quick form right here! We also have special deals on CK and Lasik. 




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