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Having Her Cataracts Removed Was No Problem For Carol

Created on: Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Carol Didn’t Know She Had A Problem Until…


Q: Carol – Like so many of us, you knew (sometime) you would have cataracts, but – suddenly – it became an issue.
Carol – That’s right – a long time ago, my doctor told me I’d probably have them, but a recent eye check indicated that – it had finally come to fruition. 
Q:  You didn’t have overt signs?
Carol – My vision seemed to be fine. How and when I did notice  – I took a friend of mine to a destination (out of town) – night driving. I couldn’t see the sign to turn off the freeway. I thought, “that’s kind of weird.” On the way back the next day, I didn’t see it right away. That’s when I noticed it – and went in right away. I drive, but – you know all the exits and roadways. This case, I didn’t – and needed my eyesight. 
Q: Did you have vision problems?
Carol – I did – but I should have seen the sign. This is – like it just happened. The next day, because I didn’t know the area – I noticed I had to be practically on top of the sign – with correction. 
dr kagan los angelews cataract photo
Q:  And you went in to have your eyes checked?
Carol – Dr. Kagan got right to it – he said I had cataracts and they need to be removed. He was recommended to me by another eye doctor.  
Q: Tell us about the procedure itself.
Carol – You do one eye at a time. It went quite well. We did the left eye first. I was so nervous… but – it really was nothing. It went well. And, I could see( well) immediately out of that left eye. 
Q: What was the time lapse between both eyes?
Carol – About three months. 
Q: What’s your age?
Carol – I’m 72. 
Q: How are things now?
Carol – Terrific – I literally have new eyes. It’s amazing – that for years, the brain seems to compensate – but – there’s nothing like getting rid of the problem. 
Q: Carol – thanks for your time today. 
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