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She Can See Better - And - She Looks Better... How?

Created on: Wednesday, March 05, 2014

 Patient Kelley Talks About CK And Aesthetic “Sculptra” At Kagan Institute


Q: Kelley – You’re a person that not only wanted to see better – but, wanted to look better. Coming and going – so-to-speak.

Kelley – That’s right – Dr. Kagan performed a CK on me and later – I had Sculptra on my face.

Q: Tell us about CK. It does indeed, eliminate the need for reading glasses - and - much more - doesn't it? 

Kelley – That’s right. Being a vain person – I wanted to get rid of my eyeglasses. And, all the fuss that can come with them. 

Q: That’s a pretty big decision considering – the eyeglasses were working.

los angeles non surgical faceliftKelley – They were – but, you’re depended on them. And – I just didn’t want the fuss of putting them on – taking them off. Plus – although lots of people look great in glasses, the look just wasn’t right for me.

Q: You used them a lot?

Kelley – If I had to go to the grocery store – I needed them to look at labels. If I went to the clothing store – same thing. Office work – I might not need them for the computer – but I needed glasses to read smaller print. So – it was off-and-on. When I heard about Dr. Kagan’s CK procedure – I got excited. I was a little bit hesitant – but talked to Dr. Kagan – and that was it. I had a lot of confidence.

Q: You’re pretty “with it” when it comes to new technology – aren’t you?

Kelley – I am that kind of person. I became eager to try it. The whole procedure – both eyes – were done on the same day.  I had one other benefit with CK – I no longer glasses to look at my text messages.

Q: That sounds like a big plus. Lots of folks live off text messages – don’t they?

Kelley – (laughs) – Sometimes – it seems like it! And I dare say – for me anyway – the CK helped my night vision.

Q: Kelley – Now that you can see better – you do something about – well, somebody “looking” at you.

Kelley – Sculptra restores volume for the face.  I had it done to my cheeks and temples. That went well.

Q: So you can see and be seen – both for the better.

Kelley – Yes – well put! I’m a big Sculptra fan. It adds volume and gives me a way more youthful appearance to the face. But – you have to have somebody who knows what they are doing. Dr. Kagan – I will say – having done Sculptra with another doctor at another time – really knows what he is doing.

Q: Thanks Kelley for your time today.   
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