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Here's A Seven-Year Botox Patient - Meet Lisa...

Created on: Thursday, March 27, 2014

Q: Lisa – you’re a Botox fan.

Lisa – I am – it’s terrific.
Q: How far back does this go?
Lisa – It’s been seven years – all of it with Dr. Kagan.
Q: There’s a mystery with Botox. What has it done for you?

Lisa – It relaxes my face – and the lines and wrinkles that come with facial movement are fewer. And, because those muscles aren’t contracting – I don’t have the deeper lines.

Q: You can get Botox most anywhere on the face?

Lisa – I get it on the forehead, around the eyebrows and – for my crow’s feet.

Q: How often do you go?
Lisa – About, every four months.
Q: Seven years with Dr. Kagan – that’s a long time!

Lisa – I trust him because he is a medical doctor and it’s my face. I also have had a positive experience all these years – and all these visits. He has integrity and his attention to detail. He listens to me – and gives me exactly what I want. The result is – I look pretty much the same. Not different. Also, if I have a question – he always knows what’s up and what’s the latest.  

Q: Botox can be extremely beneficial for looking good – and, for holding back the hands of time.  

Lisa – It takes someone you can trust. I figure I’ve done this about 22 times with Dr. Kagan – and – I’ll be back again in about three months. 


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