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Get Rid Of Your Reading Glasses - CK Is The Answer

Created on: Friday, May 02, 2014

 CK Allows You To Get Rid Of Your Reading Glasses

Restores Reading Capability - From Books To Computers

"If You Want To Restore Your Reading Without Glasses - CK RO(CK)s" 



Q: Dr. Kagan – The CK procedure is becoming more popular – isn’t it? Many say - it simply rocks!

Dr. Kagan – It is and, it does! More are having it done and for good reason. Reading is as much a part of our lives as talking: especially today with computers. Patients are enjoying the results that CK brings them - and that is,  much improvement in near vision. All of this for a very simple, in-office procedure.

Q: And, what exactly are the benefits to the patient?

Dr. Kagan – Usually it’s people in the mid-40’s who are now finding it hard to read. That is print material, cell phones, computers – you name it. They’re having trouble reading. To them it’s really annoying because – these type  of patients have enjoyed excellent vision all their life. Now, all of a sudden, they can’t focus on their phone.

Q: That’s very frustrating – especially texting – which requires a sharp reading eye.

Dr. Kagan – This is a procedure that allows them to significantly reduce their dependence on reading glasses. Unlike – anything out there. This is not a laser procedure, it’s not invasive – and, I like to call it a treatment rather than a procedure. It uses ultrasound and takes about 2 minutes per eye.

Q: The only other option is reading glasses.

Dr. Kagan – That’s right. There are no others. Laser is not a good option – because it’s way to invasive and too much for the eye to handle. That’s totally unnecessary when you have CK technology.  I would never-ever suggest or use laser technology to perform what CK does.

Q: CK is pretty safe.

Dr. Kagan – I want to stress that also. We’re no injecting anything into the eye, we’re not taking anything out. As well, nothing uses a laser, there’s not cutting – none of that. We’re simply treating the eye with a little bit of Ultrasound – to allow it to focus on near-objects better. It’s extremely safe, it’s great and - it works – and, you don’t have to worry about glasses. 

Q: And, you’ll find that you are seeing better – all the way around.

Dr. Kagan – It lets patients see better all times of the day and night. People enjoy it. You’ll notice a difference – overall as well.

Q: What’s the best age-range for CK patients?

Dr. Kagan – The best candidates for this procedure are: between the ages of 40 and 60. I always want the patient to have the best results. It’s all about results. If you’re over 60 – we have other procedures to help.

Q: OK – I’m having trouble reading. I call you. What happens?

Dr. Kagan – You’ll come in for a consultation – it takes about 20 minutes. I’ll examine the eye – make sure you’re a candidate and you can elect to have it done then – or schedule another time - for the procedure.

Q: CK – it’s an amazing procedure. Thanks Dr. Kagan.


If you need glasses to read - check out Dr. Kagan's CK procedure. He is the top CK doc in California. Click here or call us today! 

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