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She Preferred PRK Over LASIK - And She's Very Glad

She Preferred PRK Over LASIK - And She's Very Glad

Created on: Thursday, June 05, 2014
Author: Kagan Institute

 PRK Worked For Tatyana

Corrected Her Vision And More

Was Very Aprehensive About LASIK





Q: Tatyana – you had PRK performed with Dr. Kagan. Lots of folks don’t know much about PRK.

Tatyana  - PRK was my preferred choice over LASIK because    - it’s much less invasive  - and did what LASIK did  - correct my vision.

Q: You were   near-sighted?

Tatyana – Yes. It began  many years ago and kept getting worse. When I came to Dr. Kagan, he explained LASIK and PRK – that it was the perfect  choice – because – LASIK just put me ill at ease.  When he explained to me how less invasive PRK was – I went for it.

Q: So many of us get nearsighted as we age.

Tatyana  - For me, it began around the age of 10. The cost of getting glasses, special  prescriptions and such -  were just  getting complicated.  It was time to do something .

 Q : Any other  changes?

Tatyana  -  Reading has  improved and it’s almost like  -  you forget  how bad your eyes really were.                              

correcting nearsight prk los angeles photoQ: How was the procedure itself?

Tatyana  - Now - I much rather have a PRK procedure than get a filling from my dentist.  I want to make a point because, you can think that – if you move one way, or blink – that things will go bad. Not at all – none of that should be a concern. The procedure is fast and before you know it – you’re on your way.

Q: Sounds like this really improved your situation. That’s very good.

Tatyana – It is. It did more than I ever expected.   
Q: Looks like PRK is a winner.

Tatyana – Everyone seems to be focused on LASIK – but – this procedure is a real winner. Thanks to Dr. Kagan.

Take Away Points:

  • Dr. Kagan says PRK does not produce dry eye as LASIK can.
  • Also, PRK is not a treatment for dry eye.
  • All-in-all, PRK is much safer and less invasive because - there is no cutting.
  • If you're considering LASIK at all - PRK is worth taking a look at.  
  • Dr. Kagan has a special offer on PRK - call or contact us! 
  • More on PRK -  CLICK HERE


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