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Silhouette Lift Is A Special Procedure

Created on: Monday, July 28, 2014

Kagan Aesthetics Institute - Update


Here at Kagan Institute – it’s all about getting the best vision, best eye care and, because lots of our clients want to look better – after they could see better, Dr. Kagan began adding aesthetic procedures. Kagan Vision. Kagan Aesthetics. 

One of these aesthetic procedures is Silhouette Lift – which uses minimally invasive threads to lift. It’s an amazing technology – and Dr. Kagan is one of the best at this procedure.

We talked to patient Eileen about her Silhouette Lift - and overall experience. We didn't coach her. Also with Dr. Kagan - Eileen's had Botox, fillers, skin smoothing – and, at the age of 63, we think you’ll agree, she looks great.  Here’s what she had to say about Silhouette Lift with Dr. Kagan:

“Every result was brilliant. Every day after I had the Silhouette Lift, I was, absolutely… (loss for words) looked in the mirror, I couldn’t believe myself. I was looking better and better.”

Dr. Kagan Says – “Silhouette Lift is a good patient choice for those who want an alternative to a cutting procedure. This is an in-office procedure with great results. If patients want a facelift – they can do a surgical-cutting lift – or this. It usually takes about 90 minutes with quick recovery. I’ve been offering 'Silhouette' for years and patients are happy because they get great – natural results. “

Thank you Eileen and Dr. Kagan. 

Video - Here's Patient Eileen Talking About Kagan Aesthetics & Silhouette Lift

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