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Lisa Loves Her New Smooth And Tightened Face

Created on: Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lisa Loves Her Face

CO2 Fractional Keeps Working! 

co2 fractional smoothing skin before after photo


Q: - Lisa – You had a Co2 treatments done by Dr. Kagan.

Lisa – I did. The CO2 fractional laser.

Q: What does that technology perform?

Lisa – It’s heat and light. It stimulates collagen, smooths, tightens -  and removes dark spots.

Q: And you had this done where?

Lisa – All over my face. I’m starting to see tightening of the face and, see some lifting. As well as smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles. I had some lines below my eyes. It’s so smoothing and I love the lifting. People are beginning to notice.

Q:  Sounds great!

Lisa – Oh yes. The whole procedure took just over an hour.

Q: So, non-surgical, it took about an hour – and, you’re still seeing better results.

Lisa – I feel it’s just a great technology. I didn’t want a facelift, so – my strategy at the age of 50 – is to keep up. Lasers work the best. I can maintain my youthful look without cutting up the face.

Q: Sounds like a good strategy. 

Lisa – The other word I like to use is “brightening.” It just didn’t want to wake up and say, “I need a facelift.” With the CO2 – I still improvement every day.    

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