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Los Angeles Kagan Institute Blended VisionBlended Vision
Laser blended vision, is a sophisticated laser eye treatment which rectifies short-sightedness (myopia) in one eye and long-sightedness (hyperopia) in the other eye. Primarily the treatment is for condition called presbyopia (progressive loss of the ability to focus on nearby objects) or other age-related eye conditions.

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Kagan Institute Cataract Surgery Los AngelesCataract surgery
A cataract is a natural aging change of the eye that happens to everyone sooner or later. Most people develop cataracts sometime in their late 50’s and 60’s.It is a clouding of the natural crystalline lens inside the eye. No drops or medical treatments can prevent a cataract. Since the clouding of the lens occurs slowly most people don’t even notice that their vision has been severely affected. Most cataracts decrease vision by making it difficult for people to read, watch television, drive, especially at night, some say that they feel like they are looking through a cloudy window or a fog.

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Kagan Institute  Premium Cataract Surgery Beverly HillsPremium Cataract surgery
Uncomplicated cataract surgery today in Dr. Kagan’s hands takes 7 to 15 minutes with only topical anesthetic, NO injections or needles. A small ultrasound probe, NOT a laser, like some surgeons want you to believe is used to gently remove the natural cloudy lens. Then an artificial lens is placed into the same position of the old lens.

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