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Juvederm Voluma

Juvederm Voluma – Kagan Institute (Los Angeles, CA)

What is Juvederm Voluma? 

 Juvederm has been continuously restoring the youthful appearance of patients in Los Angeles, CA with its wide range of dermal fillers that is tailored for the needs of every patient.  One of its products that are fast gaining popularity in Los Angeles, CA is Juvederm Voluma that is infused with Lidocaine.  This product can replenish lost skin volume and is able to restore the youthful curve of the cheeks that can enhance the overall shape of a patient’s face.

Juvederm Voluma is a form of injectable dermal filler that is made from hyaluronic acid that is naturally in our body.  Juvederm Voluma is especially designed to add fullness and enhance the cheeks, the cheekbones, and the chin area of patients in Los Angeles, CA.  Once injected, it instantly adds fullness to problem areas that needs support or enhancement.  One treatment with Juvederm Voluma will enhance the contours of the face, making it appear rounder and fuller, giving it a softer and youthful glow.

A youthful and attractive face is characterized by having the triangle of beauty or a heart shaped face, with round facial contours, high cheekbones, and a well-defined jaw line.  As we age, the triangle of beauty is reversed and we lose volume in the cheekbones and our jawline become less defined.  Juvederm Voluma aims to restore this triangle of beauty by subtly adding volume to achieve a more youthful appearance.


Who are the patients in Los Angeles, CA who will benefit from a Juvederm Voluma treatment?

Juvederm Voluma is preferred among our patients in Los Angeles, CA because the consistency of the dermal filler is smoother than its counterparts and this results in a very smooth and natural looking enhancement that can last to up to 18 months.  Since Juvederm Voluma contains Lidocaine, the numbing effects of the drug make the procedure very comfortable for our patients.

Juvederm Voluma is recommended for patients in Los Angeles, CA who have lost volume in the face and would want to restore fullness and enhance the contours of their face to make it more youthful.  Facial volume can be lost due to a number of reasons.  The primary reason is aging, but factors like weight fluctuations and underlying medical conditions can also make the face droop.  But patients in Los Angeles, CA need not suffer from this and can have the youthful appearance that they have always wanted through Juvederm Voluma.


What is a Juvederm Voluma treatment like for patients in Los Angeles, CA?


A comprehensive consultation with our team of experts in Los Angeles, CA is done to get a clear understanding of what you expect and the facial features that you would like to enhance with Juvederm Voluma. 

Juvederm Voluma contains 0.3% Lidocaine which ensures that the injections will be comfortable, but you may still opt to use a topical anesthesia if you wish.  Juvederm Voluma will then be injected into the treatment areas and it is normal for patients to feel slight swelling, bruising, and redness in these areas.  This will gradually disappear in the next couple of days and patients will appreciate the dramatic effects of a Juvederm Voluma treatment after the swelling goes down.

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