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Kagan Institute Blended Vision West L.A.Blended Vision
Laser blended vision, is a sophisticated laser eye treatment which rectifies short-sightedness (myopia) in one eye and long-sightedness (hyperopia) in the other eye. Primarily the treatment is for condition called presbyopia (progressive loss of the ability to focus on nearby objects) or other age-related eye conditions.

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Kagan Institute LASIK Los AngelesLASIK
Laser vision correction has been performed in many countries around the world to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism since the 1980s. Multiple scientific studies of the long-term results for LASIK have shown that the

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Kagan Institute PRK Beverly HillsPRK
The PRK procedure is similar to that of LASIK in the way the laser is applied to the eye. The main difference is that there is no flap created by the surgeon using a microkeratome. Instead, the laser is used to produce your optical correction by reshaping the outermost surface of the cornea, rather than the tissue beneath a flap, as in LASIK.

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