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Lensar Cataract Laser

Only LENSAR’s Augmented Reality technology provides you with a 3-D view of the entire anterior segment, so that every laser pulse can be precisely placed giving you confidence and peace-of-mind.

The revolutionary LENSAR Laser System elevates your cataract I.Q., offering a more intelligent approach to cataract surgery:

  • Precise Incisions: Now with a full range of corneal and lenticular incisions
  • Efficient Cataract Removal: Through accurate imaging and precise laser delivery
  • Surgeon Control: Intuitive user interface facilitates automated treatment planning with confidence
  • Easy Integration: Ergonomically designed for procedural efficiency

Thanks to the proprietary imaging system from Augmented Reality, the LENSAR Laser System brilliantly collects biometric data including anterior and posterior corneal curvature radius, corneal thickness, anterior chamber depth, anterior and posterior lens curvature radius, and lens thickness. This gives LENSAR’s technology a unique surgical advantage, as it determines lens tilt from the optical axis of the lens – something no other femtosecond cataract system can do.