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Lip Enhancement

For centuries a woman's lips have been viewed as a sign of her sensuality. More recently, the entertainment and fashion industry have brought the lips back into the forefront of fashion.

Lip Enhancement Beverly HillsQ: What are my treatment options?

Dr. Kagan: Lip enhancement and rejuvenation are two of the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures. Your options range from the latest in laser treatments to natural injectable fillers or synthetic implants. All of these fillers are soft, pliable, and have a natural feel.

Q: Which product is right for me?

Lip Enhancement Kagan Institute Los AngelesDr. Kagan: Each of these products has different properties that result in variances in the length of time the product lasts in your lips. These same properties also lend themselves to physician preferences. During your consultation your doctor will help you choose the correct product to achieve your desired results.

  1. Injectable Lip Encancement
  2. Soft tissue Fillers

Q: What is recovery like?

Dr. Kagan: Following lip enhancement with one of the injectable products, your lips remain swollen for a few hours only. You may return to normal activities the same day. Touch-up treatments may be necessary.