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Radiesse in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

Radiesse® is a safe, next generation dermal filler that does more than just fill in lines and wrinkles – it volumizes. In fact, Radiesse is setting a new standard in facial fold and wrinkle correction. This treatment restores a natural, youthful look that lasts. In many patients, the results may last for a year or more. Numerous medical studies have shown that Radiesse is a safe and effective treatment for filling and correcting smile lines, nasolabial folds, and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. Radiesse stimulates the body to produce new collagen. This unique response provides immediate, visible improvement of folds and wrinkles, and provides long-lasting and beautiful results.



â–  Safely restores a natural, youthful, lasting look

â–  Stimulates the body to produce new collagen

â–  Results are immediate and long-lasting between  8 to 16 months

â–  Treatment is quick -- takes about 10 to 15 minutes

Are you a candidate?

â–  Excellent for those who wish to volumize nasolabial folds, sunken cheeks or facial contouring

â–  For treating moderate to severe wrinkles and folds

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