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AcrySof ReSTOR Aspheric Los AngelesFor patients with cataracts and presbyopia there is the AcrySof® ReSTOR® Aspheric lens, which corrects for both conditions at the same time virtually eliminating and/or reducing the need for spectacles for distance and near vision.

AcrySof ReSTOR Aspheric uses apodized diffractive technology — a design that responds to how wide or small the eye's pupil might be — to provide near, intermediate, and distance vision. Clinical studies used to support the March 2005 FDA approval showed that 80 percent of people who received the lens didn't use glasses for any activities after their cataract surgery; 84 percent who received the lens in both eyes had distance vision of 20/25 or better, with near vision of 20/30 or better.


Majority of patients are glasses free for both near and distance tasks. However, there are some patients and some occasions, when glasses will be necessary. After implantation of the second ReSTOR Aspheric lens, there is a 3 to 6 month neuroophthalmic adaptation. That is your brain and your eyes have to learn how to properly focus on distance and near objects. This process happens gradually and may be faster or slower depending on each individual patient.

Virtually everyone who has cataracts and is in good general health may be candidate for implant surgery.

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