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Tecnis Multifocal

Tecnis Multifocal IOL West L.A.

The TECNIS MULTIFOCAL IOL is foldable, ultraviolet light-absorbing posterior chamber artificial lens for implantation in the eye to restore vision after a clouded natural lens (cataract) is removed. While traditional lens implants may improve your vision, only the TECNIS™ lens improves distance, intermediate and near vision. Thus reducing or eliminating your need to wear glasses.

The TECNIS MULTIFOCAL IOL is intended to be positioned as a replacement for the natural lens in the posterior chamber of the eye while Dr. Kagan removes natural lens.

The TECNIS MULTIFOCAL IOL is used in adult patients with and without presbyopia, who desire multi-distance vision to reduce the dependency on glasses.

The TECNIS MULTIFOCAL IOL has been shown in a clinical study to provide good near, intermediate and distance vision and thereby reduce spectacle dependency in patients who have undergone cataract surgery. The Tecnis Multifocal lens has enhanced ophthalmologists' IOL options. Not only does this lens perform as a foldable, diffractive, multifocal IOL with an improved near addition, its optic also incorporates "intelligent asphericity" to counteract most corneal spherical aberrations.