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Visian ICL

It's high definition vision! Visian ICL in Los Angeles, CA works with the eye to correct high levels of nearsightedness and farsightedness (greater than 6 diopteres) and is great for people who want a procedure beyond the results that LASIK or PRK can offer. The procedure is performed in an outpatient setting and, typically, Dr. Kagan will correct one eye at a time.

The recovery is very fast and dramatic vision improvement can be experienced within 24 hours after the procedure. Normally, very little discomfort is associated with this procedure. A light topical or local anesthetic is administered and a mild sedative may be given. Eye drops or oral medication may be prescribed. You will come back the next day for a follow-up visit with Dr. Kagan.

Extensive research and development preceded the introduction of Visian ICL. It has been successfully implanted in over 55,000 eyes worldwide. The satisfaction rate among patients is extremely high - above 99% (FDA US Clinical Trial). Visian ICL provides excellent and stable outcomes.

Benefits of Visian ICL

-No Dry Eye

-Reversabile/ the lens can be removed and replaced if your vision changes substantially, or if you have another procedure at any time

- Corrects large range of vision issues without cutting out the corneal tissue

Visian ICLThe Visian ICL is intended to remain in place in the eye without maintenance. Should it become necessary, Dr. Kagan can remove the lens. The lens is not noticeable after it is put in place. It does not attach to any structures within the eye and stays in position. Unlike LASIK or PRK, the Visian ICL implantation does not permanently change the shape of the eye. Also, the Visian ICL may improve your quality of vision more than many other refractive procedures.

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